Citizenship & Resident Return Visas

Immigration Law

Permanent residency gives you the right to remain in Australia indefinitely but you are still subject to a travel facility typically valid for 5 years. Consequently, you may still need a resident return visa (RRV) in order to depart and return to Australia.

Obtaining a RRV may be more complex in situations where you have been absent from Australia for a long period, or if you have applied to renew a RRV but need to travel outside and return to Australia before the RRV may be granted. We can assist you to have peace of mind and avoid unnecessary complications to your permanent resident status.

If you think that you are ready to apply for Australian citizenship for yourself and/or family members, we can help you with checking eligibility, guide you through the multitude of documents required by the Department of Home Affairs and put together your application.

Australian Citizenship & Resident Return Visas

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