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Civil Litigation Lawyers in Melbourne & Perth

Acuity Law Partners is a boutique law firm providing cost effective legal services to individuals and small to medium businesses, primarily in Perth and Melbourne. Our litigation lawyers regularly assist clients in dispute resolution and civil litigation, including:

  • resolving a range of legal disputes through alternative dispute resolution processes including negotiation, mediation and arbitration;
  • representation in the Magistrates Court, District Court and Supreme Court, whether in court proceedings, seeking urgent interim relief, at the final trial stage, or on appeal; and
  • advocacy before regulatory bodies and administrative tribunals.
    Civil Litigation Lawyers in Melbourne & Perth | Acuity Law Partners

    Our wide range of legal services include:

    • advising businesses on corporate and commercial disputes and litigation;
    • advising on partnership disputes;
    • reviewing and advising on disputes relating to contractual matters;
    • advising on and commencing action for debt recovery and enforcement of securities;
    • advising on disputes relating to properties and real estate;
    • advising private and commercial tenants/ landlords in leasing disputes;
    • advising tenants, owner corporation and/or strata companies in strata disputes;
    • advising on disputes relating to will and estate matters, family provision and deceased estate disputes;
    • advising on competition and consumer law disputes;
    • advising on claims and litigation relating to negligence; and
    • advising on statutory prosecutions.

    If you find yourself or your company becoming involved in a personal legal dispute, commercial dispute or civil litigation, our civil lawyers and litigation lawyers in Perth and Melbourne with significant experience across multiple practice areas, including civil litigation and dispute resolution, can assist you with sound and pragmatic legal advice. We will work with you to explore what outcomes you are seeking, identify the options available and develop strategies to achieve the best desirable outcome in the most time efficient and cost effective way. 

    Disputes and litigation inevitably bring about stress, disruption and financial cost to your personal life and the operation of your business. We are able to offer cost effective options tailored to your circumstances. Our civil lawyers and litigation lawyers will be your dedicated and hands-on advisors to assist you in reaching the desirable outcome and getting back to what you enjoy the most: life and growing your business.

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